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Tyler Brooker (born March 29, 2000) is a British artist, producer, songwriter, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and software developer.Tyler primarily produces big room EDM and electro-house, as well as other sub-genres of EDM such as deep house, slap house, melodic house, dubstep, future bass, drum and bass, and bass house. He has also produced hip hop, folk, lo-fi and chiptune. He has worked with several artists and other producers, including Lisa Schettner, Dekcr, Yes JAY, Black Winter, Richard Marc and Koltbach.In March 2022, Tyler helped to mashup Lisa Schettner's single "Hands Off Ukraine" with Taras Borovok's single "Bayraktar" into a remix, which gained widespread attention on YouTube due to it's patriotic nature.In late 2022, he received success with labels such as Cracking Records with his single "I Wanna Know" featuring Maria Flores, and Starix Production with his single "Rest".At present, Tyler continues to produce EDM and electronic music.

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